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The Charisma of the Regular Franciscan Tertiaries Sisters -, since they were born from the Third Order Franciscan Secular, while the top 12 women were already living and had the identity of the Third Order, and thus -  is the Penance.The Penance, as well understand our father St. Francis - different from the concepts that were there before and even after St. Francis – is a continued conversion, a conversion that takes place in the heart and in the decision of the person after meeting with Christ, particularly through listening of the Word of God, meeting with the poor and the leper, living silence and solitary prayer, like it happened with St. Francis in the little church of San Damiano, and finally in the presence of the brothers, as it happened when the first brothers arrived.

We can see that Francis transformed totally, his way of thinking and acting, after meeting the leper (he himself says in his Testament: what was bitter returned-it  for me sweetness of soul and body), after listening to the Gospel in the Church (he came to acclaim: "this is what I want, this is what I wish, this is what I desire with all my heart"), after listening to the voice of the Crucifix in the Church of San Damiano (from that time Francis begins the reconstruction of the churches ) and finally, when  the brothers arrived to join with him (in fact, he did not continue his life as it was understood since then, but desiring to know what God wanted from him, he is behind the Pope and he has got the blessing to live with his brothers, in fraternity).

St. Francis taught everyone to do and to preach the Gospel, to do and to preach the  penance.

As Franciscan Sisters, we are called to do the same way: once we  met  with Christ, Poor and Crucified,  listening  to the Word of God, by daily prayer and meditation, by fraternal life and apostolic activities, we walk on the horizon of Holiness.

The personal encounter with Christ, the daily meditation, help to  bring  the  Franciscan sister until his brother, and through various apostolic activities, the sister has the possibility of having space to exercise the mercy and charity, fruit of the conversion, fruit of the encounter with Christ. The continuous conversion is one exercise of day to day.

The Religious vows of chastity, poverty and obedience help the religious to live with more authenticity and converting to Gospel in everyday life and, to go until our brothers meeting them with free heart, loving everyone without possessing anyone and, do everything, only and simply, because of  the Gospel.  

Like that,  our life is a source of joy and hope, even though we can enjoy it in its fullness only in eternal life!

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