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We are invited by the Diocese of Njombe to render service in the newly opened Health Centre by the Italian Volentiers in 2010.
The Superior General of the Institute of the Regular Franciscan Tertiary Sisters  in Florence, Italy has sent 3 Sisters to start our mission in the land of Tanzania. 
The 1st Community was opened at Wanging'ombe  close to the Hospital and the Sisters are serving in various sectors of the hospital, in nearby schools and in the Parish.  It has also recruitment programme and Formation programme for the Candidates desiring to be the member of the Congregation.

01. Elizabeth Corsini Convent (The first community of Tanzania)
Wanging'ombe, Njombe, Tanzania, 

Superior Sr  Betty

Junior Mistress Sr Vincy

Aspirante Mistress Sr Bindhu

Health Care in the Hospital, in the Orphanage and in families 
Education for the youth and children, in School 
Pastoral care in the Parish 
Formation for the Aspirants and Novices for the Religious life.


Sr Elsa working in the hospital as Matron of ward

Sr Omana working in the hospital as pharmacy store in charge

Sr Moly working in the hospital as Administrator  Officer

The two junior Sisters are from here and continue to study in the hostel. 

Sr Betty and Sr Vincy are also going to the school to teach. The school run by  the private person. Daily they leave the house after the Holy Mass and in the evening back. 

We are receiving the Candidates those who are interested to follow our way of life.  At present 6 of them joined.

Sr Bindhu is also going to teach Catechism in the Parish  and they engaged in the pastoral activities in the village.

Address & Phone number:

Wanging'ombe, Njombe, Tanzania, 
phone +255759060261 - email:



02. St Francis Novitiate


 The St.Francis Novitiate opened in 2019 February for the Novices.  At present 3 Novices are doing their 2nd year.  Since another Congregation is in this Parish we are not engaged in pastoral activities and the Novices in the non canonical year doing small services in the Parish. Till last year the assistant Mistress was doing the nursing service full time in the Orphanage run by Rev. Fr. Tarcisio Moreschi. The other Congregation is in charge of them. 

This year Sr Elsa is serving them as a visiting  nurse and administor the medical care and go back to Wanging'ombe.


St Francis Noviziate 

Ilembula, Njombe, Tanzania.


The last profession and inauguration of the new house: 16/04/2024


Ni wakati wa Adhimisho la Misa Takatifu ya Nadhiri za muda kwa Wanovisi watatu wa Shirika la Wafransiskani wanaofanya utume wao katika Parokia ya Bikira Maria Msaada wa Wakristu Ilembula,Jimbo Katoliki Njombe.

Misa hiyo imeadhimishwa na Mhashamu Eusebio Samweli Kyando,Askofu wa Jimbo Katoliki Njombe.

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